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I am Muhammad Mohsin. I run and oversee buildviews.org. 

Do you notice that even more people are looking to lose the excess weight that they may be carrying around today? The reason is simple and it involves the fact that those people that have excess weight are more likely to develop long term health problems. This is a fact. Losing weight is getting harder and harder in modern times. So before you embark on the weight loss journey you have to understand the fact that the most important reason that you must be losing the weight for is for your health. This is the only thing that is going to keep you motivated in the long term and keep you from giving up on this long weight loss journey.

We aim to provide plans for people who want to lose weight. Our weight loss-related blogs will tell you what works and what does not. We believe that the readers of our blog can find encouraging and motivational tips that will lead their health to a new level.