low carb diet plan

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low carb diet plan


First of all, you are going to hear lots of things about the “low carb diet plan” the most prominent of which is the Atkins diet. As a rule and as their name suggests, low carbohydrate diets usually recommend a higher consumption of protein and fat, with declines in consumption of carbohydrates. Again, generally, these eating plans are going to recommend as much as 70% of daily calorie intake coming from fat, with only 5% to 10% coming from carbohydrates. Furthermore, most will recommend eating up until you are full, as long as you avoid the high carb foods.


Low carb diet menu plans are hale and hearty plans for people who want to lose weight and those who want to sustain their weight. A low- carb diet plan for weight loss is one that comprises low carb calories, Maximum people belief that carbs are the main cause of obesity or overweight and that calorie counting is not essential if you follow a healthy diet plan. A low diet plan that is healthy must be a 100% natural weight loss by decreasing carbohydrate intake and at the same time not limiting you from all the necessary foods that your body needs. A healthy low diet plan should not take account of taking pills to lose weight and starving yourself as a way of decreasing calorie intake.

Low carb diet plans that are only taking pills are not good. These diet pills are intended to aid your body to have a high metabolism so that you can burn extra fat from your body. If you decide to take diet pills as a way to lose weight, you must first access a doctor to ensure it is safe for you to take them. Diet pills can spend your hundreds of dollar and they can have side effects too.

A low carb diet menu plan that is healthy and 100% natural would be the greatest for you if you need to lose weight. For a low diet plan to be healthy, it should guide you to lose weight without starving yourself. Some diet plans can take you to starvation. In the low carb diet menu plan, it has been realized that those who count or restrict the intake of carbs, often turn into foods that contain high levels of fat and cholesterol. You can lose weight with a low diet plan that has no carbs at all but at the same time, you must to be careful about how you are affecting your body, especially the heart.


The main objective of carbohydrates is to fuel the body. They provide the energy required to make it through the day. For athletes, they are the fuel to make it through marathons, basketball games, bicycle races and every other kind of athletic endeavour. Carbohydrates are also essential for the proper function of some organs. Although there are good and bad carbs.


While no carb is fundamentally evil, or “bad”, there are numerous, which are not “good” for most of us.

Bad Carbs vs good carbs:

When we talk about bad carbs, we are generally bringing up to things like high sugar, refined flour foods that are quickly digested and which can be quickly converted into fat. This is because the excess of carbohydrates signals the body to increase the supply of insulin which in turn tells the body to stock the carbs as fat. Sadly, your breakfast bagel and the bag of chips you had with your greasy burger are incorporated in the list of bad carbs.

What are good carbs:

Good carbs or healthy carbs, conversely tend to be more “nutrient-dense”, and demand more digestion and processing by the body. Sweet potatoes, grapefruit, fat-free milk, brown rice, apples, and other fruits, vegetables, and whole grains cause the blood sugar levels to increase more slowly, thus avoiding the insulin “instructions” to store the calories as fat. As an alternative, they are gradually used as energy. Additionally, these kinds of foods tend to have more nutritional value in terms of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and fibre. They also seem to be indicated as being involved in better overall health and long life as well as the avoidance, at least temporarily, of such debilitating conditions such as heart disease and some cancers.

Any time you try to begin a low carb diet plan it can be overwhelming at the beginning. Today’s we’re going to look at some simple guidelines you can follow to make certain you get going quickly, with the perfect blend of food ingredients to supercharge your low carb diet plan fat-burning potential!

Low Carb Diet Plan – The Fastest Approach to Start

Just transferring to a low carb eating system isn’t going to let you drop inches around your waist or thighs. And if you someway do manage to make it happen, you’ll snap back even worse when you come off the carb-restricted diet and likely gain more weight than you were carrying earlier.

This is one of the veiled lies the weight loss industry puts out endlessly, they never want to talk about what happens after we go back to our normal lives after suffering through a difficult eating routine that only served to create massive cravings and binges.

Knowing this, one of the most important things I can give you regarding any low carb diet plan is making sure you have the right balance of food kinds to raise your metabolic rate and lose weight quickly WITHOUT triggering powerful cravings that will harm your efforts once you go back to normal.

One Simple Rule

Use this one tip at every meal and you’ll be on the road to weight loss quicker than you thought possible…without going hungry:

Eat twice as big a portion of a natural protein (eggs, fish, lean meat, tofu, chicken, etc.) as you do non-“white” carbohydrates (bread, pasta, rice, sweets) at every meal.  Bound the protein portion to the size of half a typical 10-inch dinner plate.

Meaning that if you’re going to eat a chicken breast for dinner, limit yourself to half the chicken breast’s size worth of a non-white-carb side-dish. Make the side-dish a vegetable or fruit (which are natural and GOOD carbohydrates) provided that you follow the size ratio rule.

The mix of protein and a natural smaller carb portion vegetable or fruit actually work together to increase your body’s fat-burning potential to a much greater degree than a zero-carb or no-carb diet.

Why exercise when on a low carb diet plan

Low carb diet plans usually comprise more vegetables in form of salads and also fruits in general. These two types of foods are essential in any low diet plan that is healthy and natural. Fruits and vegetables are high in fibres and contain very low amounts of calories. If you get into a low carb diet plan, do not overlook to exercise. You don’t need to go to the gym to lose weight. You can do home-friendly exercises that are right for losing weight. Working out can help you lose weight fast, tone up and at the same time, your body can have more muscles. Most low carb diet plans can guide you with a healthy weight loss plan and suggest the right exercises you should do to boost up metabolism. If you want to get in shape and stay healthy, you must do it the natural way by getting into a weight loss diet plan.


Perhaps the most evident drawback is that refuting oneself an entire class of foods puts the dieter at risk of missing vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals that may have been present in those food sources. Moreover, “good” carbs tend to be rich in fibre which has been shown to have its own value to health. Evidently, limiting all carbs could take away the body of the fibre it might need to remain healthy.

Low- carb diet side effects

You have to consult with your doctor before you follow any diet in specific low carb diets. Some of these risks are:

Kidney Failure: Fundamentally because your kidneys work overtime trying to process your intake of proteins.

Heart Diseases and Stroke: Mainly because of the high levels of cholesterol due to high protein diets.





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