Low Carb High Protein Diet:

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low carb high protein diet

Low carb high protein diets are all well and good but to keep top fitness levels you require to be consuming high-quality carbohydrates. The absolute number one ingredient to a successful bodybuilding diet is protein and fluky for us protein is found in an abundance of food. High-quality carbohydrates are another key ingredient for a successful bodybuilding diet as they contain high-quality calories that help you rather than slow you down.
Almost all meats are an appropriate source of protein though pork is of lower quality so I would tend to keep away from pork-based meats.

Low carb high protein diet plan:
Breakfast:- Cereals such as muesli and a protein shake porridge is something I have as well if theirs no cereal. Add skimmed milk instead of higher-fat milk
11.00 am:- Pasta with minced meat and a tomato sauce with a protein bar. The pasta is somewhat comprised throughout the day so at the start of the week prepare a big container full of pasta a lean mince and a basic sauce this will keep fresh all week and all you need do is put some in a container each day and microwave the contents.
Lunch:- Pasta with mince yet again or a meaty salad with a protein shake.
3.00 pm:- Pasta again with a protein shake or a protein bar
Evening meal:- Piece of steamed fish and salad
8.00 pm:- Protein shake or a protein bar you could also swap for a cereal like muesli.low carb high protein diet plan
By no means do you need to eat this much food per day but as you can see my meals are evenly spread throughout the day which speeds up my metabolism and burns more calories than if I had 3 big meals per day. The pasta is essential as it is a low GI food so release carbohydrates slowly you could replace the pasta with rice or use the list below to make up your own diet.
sources of protein:  Mackeral, Turkey breast, Haddock, Cod, Salmon, Soybean hamburger crumbles, Tuna steak, Turkey breast, deli, Lobster, Sea bass, Snapper Chicken breast, Freshwater bass, Trout, Cottage cheese, Chicken breast, deli, Tuna canned in water, Soy imitation meat products and Emu.
high-quality sources of carbohydrates: Eggplant, Brussels sprouts, Red pepper, Cabbage, String beans, Onion Blueberries, Blackberries, Strawberries, Plum, Pink Grapefruit, Tomato and Kiwi please take into account that number of the fruits listed to have high sugar content.
Water is an important part of your diet as a fully hydrated body burns fat faster, water is needed during the burning of fat. Your protein shakes will provide you will a lot of water but remember to drink enough water with your protein bars as they need to water to be digested properly.
Is Low Carb High Protein Diet Actually Effective?
Are you frustrated with those unsightly pounds around your waist that just do not seem to reduce no matter which diet you try? Sustainable weight loss is something millions of people worldwide struggle with, and a low carb high protein diet is one way they try to tackle this problem. Just how good this diet really is? Let’s find out.
Before we evaluate its effectiveness, we first need to understand what a low carb high protein diet is all about. In this diet, important is laid on cutting down the carbohydrates from the food you put away. More proteins are included as a substitute to keep the nutritional balance maintained.
This means no rice, no pieces of bread and the least amounts of sugar have to be consumed. As carbs are the instant source of energy for our body, a cut down in their intake forces our body to turn to the fat deposits inside and burn them to meet its energy necessities. Consumption of foods, rich in proteins like lean meat and eggs, helps in growing the muscle mass in the body and giving it a cleaner look.
So far so good. Now let’s take a look at what really occurs inside when you decrease the carb intake.
To acquire the energy from the fat deposits, our body on the inside burns the glycogen stored inside. Each gram of glycogen is linked to further four grams of water. So when you experience weight loss after beginning this diet, the main portion of that is due to the reduction in the water stored in your body. This weight will be rapidly gained back once the diet is over.
This is the reason why most people who go on this diet, report a setback in their weight loss after the diet is done.
low-carb diet side effects:

There are several side effects related to a low carb high protein diet.

1)Carbohydrates are required for the production of Serotonin (the feel-good hormone) in our body. A low carb diet then decreases the levels of his hormone in the brain which can then cause depression and mood swings.
2)Reduced intellectual capacity is also experienced during this diet. So if your job needs a lot of mental work, then this diet may not be right for you.
3) Low carb diets reduce and decrease the healthy glycogen
(the storage form of glucose) stocks in your muscles and
liver. When you reduce glycogen stores, you also dehydrate,
often causing the scale to drop meaningfully in the first week
or two of the diet. This is usually taken to mean as a fat loss when
it’s actually mostly from dehydration and muscle loss. By the
way, this is one of the major causes that low carb diets are so
popular at present – there is a rapid initial, but deceiving
drop in scale weight.
Glycogenesis (formation of glycogen) take place in the liver and
muscles when sufficient quantities of carbohydrates are
consumed – very small of this happens on a low carb diet.
Glycogenolysis  (the breakdown of glycogen) occurs when
glycogen is gone down to form glucose for use as fuel.
4)Reduction of muscle glycogen causes you to exhaustion easily
and makes exercise and movement uncomfortable. Research
shows that muscle fatigue rises in almost direct
proportion to the rate of reduction of muscle glycogen. Bottom
line is that you don’t feel active and you exercise and move
less (often without feeling it) which is not good for caloric
expenditure and metabolism.
5) Loss of muscle causes a fall in your basal metabolic
rate (metabolism). Metabolism occurs in the muscle. Less
muscle and muscle tone causes a slower metabolism which
means fewer calories burned 24 hours-a-day.
6) Your muscles and skin lack tone and are shapeless. Saggy
muscles cause saggy skin and cause you to
lose a healthy, energetic look (even if you’ve also lost fat).

Benefits of a high protein and low carb diet:
However on the other side, the low carbohydrate, high-protein diet has a lot of great benefits for people in all different stages of life. This particular diet has risen to fame in recent years as more and more people are gaining awareness about its advantages thanks to a few popular books and celebrity endorsements.
Seemingly one of the most active diets that can be used to succeed visible weight loss in a comparatively short period of time, this diet is championed by the growing number of people who have actually benefited from it.
So What Does the Diet Entail?
Concentrating more on proteins, including eggs, meat etc., the low carb, high protein diet helps in maintaining your body fat and cholesterol at a suitable and healthy level. It restricts the intake of refined carbohydrates by removing foods such as potato, grains, cereals and bread from your diet.
People who have rigorously followed this diet have been known to lose a reasonable weight and according to an estimate, both men and women experience weight loss of around 6 to 7 pounds by following this diet. What it does is control the body’s metabolic rate and assists in bringing the blood-triglyceride levels down. It also contributes to the maintenance and stabilization of sugar levels in the blood. Keeping this benefit into consideration, this diet is sometimes prescribed for patients who suffer from hyperinsulinism – but you should always consult a doctor before changing your diet).
Most importantly, after you break through the cravings that are sure to follow the removal of most sugar and carbs from your diet, you will find that fewer foods leave you satisfied. As a result, while observing such a diet, you do not feel deprived of food, even though you are eating less, and is most likely the reason for the weight loss associated with this diet.
Perhaps, one of the vital reasons behind the popularity of the high protein diet plan is that it is not that difficult to follow. Of course, you are going to have to deal with the cravings, but there are no special supplements to buy or expensive investments to make. You are just making smart changes to the foods that you decide to consume.
So if you have been hearing a lot about this diet but still yet to give it a try, consult your doctor or dietician (to make sure it is suitable for your situation) and then if they give you the green light – just do it!



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